Talent philosophy:

The sea embraces all rivers, and the capacity is great; Heaven creates high mountains, and craftsmanship builds dreams.

Job Recruitment:

Welcome to join Guangdong Sanding Electric Co., Ltd!

1. The following materials need to be provided:

Original and photocopy of personal resume, school recommendation materials, graduation certificate, proof of honors and skills, ID card and other certificates.

2. Apply through the following methods:

a、 Submit personal resume online;

b、 Send personal resume by mail or email to our company's administrative department;

c、 Participate in our company's specialized job fairs held throughout the country.

3. The administrative department shall review the materials and notify the candidates who have passed the initial review of the interview via phone or email within one week;

4. Participate in our company's interview;

5. The company issues an employment notice;

6. The hired personnel report and both parties sign a labor contract;

7. Contact information: +86-750-3665388 email: jmsddq@126.com