What are the requirements for repairing the Jiangmen distribution box

2020-07-22 1138

1. The power switch and maintenance frequency converter cabinet is equipped with a low-voltage molded case circuit breaker connected to the incoming power supply. In addition to completing the connection and disconnection of the circuit, it can also maintain the short circuit and overload of the circuit and frequency converter. And it can cut off the power supply during maintenance.

2. The start and stop control functions are set on the frequency conversion cabinet panel with frequency conversion start and frequency conversion stop buttons, which are used for the operation control of frequency conversion equipment and facilitate on-site operation.

3. Frequency (speed) adjustment: Set a frequency adjustment potentiometer on the panel of the frequency converter cabinet, which can conveniently manually adjust the output frequency of the frequency converter to control the motor speed

4. The meter head displays the voltage meter, ammeter, and various indicator lights such as power indicator, alarm indicator, operation indicator, and power frequency indicator installed on the panel of the frequency converter cabinet, completing the monitoring of the input voltage, output current, output frequency, and various operation states of the frequency converter.

5. Users can choose a frequency conversion cabinet with backup power frequency switching. When the frequency converter malfunctions, the motor is automatically controlled through an automatic control circuit to switch to the power supply (this method can be selected as manual/automatic. If the power frequency starting equipment is greater than 15KW, a soft starter can be used to complete it)


6. Multiple control functions can be set on the frequency conversion cabinet panel based on system operating conditions, such as forward rotation, rotation, motor speed increase, motor deceleration, jog forward rotation, jog rotation, manual/automatic, emergency stop, frequency conversion/power frequency, PLC control, touch screen, etc.

7. Peripheral equipment can be installed in the frequency conversion cabinet according to the working conditions, including communication input reactors, output reactors, DC reactors, EMI filters, braking units, braking resistors, contactors, intermediate relays, thermal relays, programmable controllers (PLC), programmable operating terminals (GOT), electricity meters, cooling fans, etc.

8. Installing the frequency converter inside the frequency converter cabinet for safety protection can reduce environmental pollution, reduce the risk of electric shock, and achieve good protective effects.

9. Install the frequency converter neatly and beautifully in the frequency conversion cabinet, with the same scale and color as other low-voltage distribution cabinets, to maintain the harmony, neatness, and beauty of the distribution facilities and control equipment. Be reliable and try to stay away from high-risk areas as much as possible.

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