What are the basic structures of Jiangmen distribution boxes

2020-07-28 1114

Nowadays, the use of lighting distribution boxes in daily life is very extensive. At the same time, the structure of lighting distribution boxes is divided into two types according to the equipment method: closed suspension (exposed installation) and embedded (concealed installation). The primary structure is divided into components such as box shell, panel, equipment support, neutral busbar, grounding busbar, etc. Lighting distribution boxes can be divided into steel boxes, stainless steel boxes, iron boxes, and plastic boxes according to the material of the box.

The pricing personnel of the distribution box have learned that the air circuit breakers inside the lighting distribution box are generally assembled by personnel according to the owner's requirements. The air circuit breaker should be operated upwards as the principle of closing the equipment. The backup orientation should be sealed with specialized insulation materials. To save costs, 1p air circuit breakers can be used for lighting or socket circuits, but the load current of each single-phase branch circuit should not exceed 16A. The number of lamps in each single-phase branch circuit should not exceed 25, and the number of sockets in each single-phase branch circuit should not exceed 10; If the lighting fixtures and sockets are mixed into one circuit, the number of sockets should not exceed 5.


The neutral wire and maintenance grounding wire of the lighting distribution box should be connected to the terminals of the busbar, and should not be mixed, and the wire diameter should meet the requirements. The color of the phase wire, neutral wire, and maintenance grounding wire should meet the requirements. The phase colors of L1, L2, and L3 are yellow, green, and red, respectively. The neutral wire is blue, and the grounding wire is yellow and green. Taking into account factors such as application scenarios and ease of operation and maintenance, the height of the equipment is comprehensively considered. The general rule is that the height from the bottom edge of the lighting distribution box to the ground should be 1.5m. The equipment address should be kept away from damp, direct sunlight, and corrosive areas to avoid rapid insulation aging. The lighting distribution box should be firmly fixed and level. Before formal operation, the internal wiring terminals should be checked and tightened one by one. The distribution box should use labels or markers to clearly indicate the title of the electrical circuit, in order to facilitate the control and inspection of each circuit.

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