What to do if the temperature of the Jiangmen distribution box is too high

2020-06-18 1136

Distribution box equipment is indispensable in our work and life. Many places rely on distribution boxes to ensure our normal electricity consumption. Distribution box equipment often encounters high temperatures during use. How to deal with high temperatures in distribution boxes? Below, the distribution box manufacturer will briefly introduce it to you.

Method 1: Distribution boxes with louvers on both sides and incomplete separation should be selected as much as possible to form air convection and heat dissipation;


Method 2: The box body should be made of natural stainless steel as much as possible, which is not only resistant to rusting but also has a thermal reflection effect. Regular spraying of insulation coatings can reduce thermal radiation, which is more ideal;

Method 3: In addition to ensuring ventilation, the box should try to avoid direct sunlight during the cool afternoon, and it is advisable to use non sand and gravel materials on the ground;

Method 4: Prevent equipment overload during high temperature periods and minimize the amount of heat released by the equipment inside the box.

Method 5: It is also possible that the installation and maintenance process is improper, such as inadequate handling, unevenness, unsmooth surface, and lack of dedicated electrical grease during the processing, connection, and installation of the busbar, resulting in a decrease in touch area, an increase in touch resistance, and heating. At this time, maintenance should be carried out, and perhaps a specific inspection should be conducted after installation.

The above are some solutions to the high temperature of the distribution box that the editor has cleaned up. When the distribution box equipment shows a high temperature situation, it should be dealt with in a timely manner to prevent it from affecting the later use of the distribution box equipment.

Article source: Jiangmen distribution box http://www.gdsandingdianqi.com/