There are several ways to connect the wiring of Jiangmen distribution box to various electrical equipment

2020-05-30 752

When decorating the electrical circuit in our home, we need to consider how to install the pipes from the distribution box to each power point, that is, how to install the circuit. Actually, there are many methods here. There are two commonly used methods: one is the two point one line wiring principle, and the other is the horizontal and vertical principle.

The method of installing lines from the distribution box to various electrical equipment

1. Install conduit from the lower opening of the switch in the distribution box, facing the wall towards the top plate or towards the ground. At this moment, it is necessary to perform slotting on the wall. The depth of the groove is approximately two centimeters, and the width of the groove is five centimeters on each side of the conduit.

2. Then, we will install conduit along the ground or roof towards our electrical points.

When installing conduit on the ground, it is generally not slotted and can be directly installed on the ground, as it can be fully covered when laying tiles in the later stage. When installing conduit on the top plate, it should be placed directly along the top plate. This placement requires a suspended ceiling in the future, and if not suspended, the conduit can only be placed along the ground.

3. Then, place the conduit upwards or downwards along the wall or roof.

Next, place the conduit on top, and when it reaches the wall, place it upwards, perhaps following the conduit on the top plate downwards. At this moment, it can always be placed in the position of the bottom box of the switch or socket. At this moment, the same grooves are being made on the wall.


A brief introduction to the number of wire conduits installed in the electrical potential of household distribution boxes

1. We need to distinguish the electrical circuits in the household. For example, the common method of distinguishing circuits is as follows: lighting has one circuit, general sockets have one circuit, wall mounted air conditioners have one circuit alone, cabinet air conditioners have one circuit alone, kitchens have one circuit alone, and bathrooms have one circuit alone. Together, they are basically about eight circuits.

2. It is recommended to install the conduit in advance.

Each circuit requires a separate conduit, which means eight conduits need to be installed from the lower opening of the distribution box. The same applies to the method of distinguishing other circuits. In every other circuit, except for the lighting circuit, there are three wires that should be threaded, namely a live wire, a neutral wire, and a ground wire.

Analysis of placement criteria for household circuit conduits

One of the installation guidelines for home wiring pipes is the horizontal and vertical pipeline installation guidelines currently used by many decoration companies. This method of installing pipelines looks very beautiful and neat, and the routing of the pipelines is very regular. This method has a major advantage, which is to plan the unknown direction of the line in advance, which can prevent damage to the above and below ground or the pipes installed inside the wall during decoration in the future.

The difference between the two types of home circuit cash is two points and one line.

The method of installing two points and one line is very simple, which is to directly follow a straight line from the distribution box and place the conduit at the point where we need electricity.

Comparison between Horizontal and Vertical Wiring Methods and Two Point, One Line Wiring Methods

The advantage of the installation method for horizontal and vertical lines is that it is beautiful and can prevent damage to the conduit in the later stage. The defect is also very obvious: one point is that it will be very difficult to thread and change in the future due to the many blind spots. The second point is that the cost will be much higher.

The advantage of the two point one line wiring method is that it saves a lot of costs, and future wire replacement is very convenient.

The flaw is that it is not beautiful, and punching holes on the ground, walls, and walls for future decoration does not have a good protective effect.

Article source: Jiangmen substation cabinet